We realize importance of confidential information. This document describes which personal data we obtain and collect when you use this web-site. We hope this policy will help you take informed decisions regarding your personal data that you disclose to us.

Public Information
If you just view this web-site without logging in, your data will not be published on the web-site.
If you write or edit any materials on the web-site, you publish each word written by you and this information will be stored and shown to other visitors.

Visitor Identification
Registration on this web-site is optional.
If you register you will be identified through your participant name.
This can be your real name (if you wish) or you may use a pseudonym – the name you specified when your account was created. Other visitors will be able to view data specified by you during registration.

The e-mail address you specify during registration will not be shown to other visitors of the web-site.
We can store messages in e-mail and other letters sent by users to process users' queries, respond to their requests and improve our services.

When you visit the web-site one or several cookie files are sent to your computer. This is a small file with a set of symbols that enables identification of the browser.
When you register on the web-site, additional cookie files may be sent to your computer that allow you to avoid repeated entry of your user name (and maybe password) when you visit the web-site next time. You can delete them upon completion of the session if you use a public computer and do not want to disclose your pseudonym to persons who will use the computer after you (in this case you have also to clean the browser cash).
We use cookie files to improve the quality of our services through storage of use settings and tracking trends of users' actions, e.g. during search. The majority of browsers are initially set to accept cookie files, however you can completely prohibit to use cookie files or set display of notifications of their sending. However without cookie files some functions of the web-site may operate incorrectly.

Every time when you visit our web-site our servers automatically record information transferred by your browser during your visit of the web-page. As a rule this information includes the requested web-page, IP-address of the computer, browser type, language settings of the browser, date and time of the request, as well as one or several cookie files that enable precise identification of your browser.

Links used on this web-site may have the format that allows for tracking if visitors use them. This information is used to improve the quality of our advertising.

Buyer's Personal Data
When executing a Request on the web-site the Client provides the following information: surname, name, e-mail address, phone number, delivery address.
The Seller uses this information to perform its obligations to the Client. The Seller undertakes not to disclose any information received from the Client. Disclosure by the Seller of the Client's information to its agents and third parties acting under an agreement with the Seller to perform its obligations to the Client shall not be deemed a violation of the confidentiality obligations.
Disclosure of information in accordance with reasonable applicable legal requirements shall not be deemed a violation. The Seller shall not be liable for any data made public by the Client on the web-site.

Amendment of the Confidentiality Policy
Please, note that this confidentiality policy may be amended from time to time. All amendments to the confidentiality policy are published on this page.